Duty Society of Aligarh Muslim University organized a felicitation ceremony for Honorable Mr. Salman Khursheed, Minister of Corporate affairs and Minority affairs, Govt. of India on 3rd August, 7:30 PM at India Habitat Center New Delhi. The function was presided by Mr. Khursheed Alam Khan, President of Duty Society of Aligarh Muslim University. He had also served as Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia and Governor of Karnataka. The evening was also attended by Dr S.Z.Qasim, Former Vice Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia, Secretary Oceanography, Member Planning Commission and President Indian Science Congress Association, Dr. D.P. Agarwal, Chairman Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Prof. N.K.Gupta , Henry Ford Professor Emeritus at IIT Delh and Vice -President INSA , Dr Farooq, President Himalyan Drugs, Mr. Kamal Farooqi, Chairman Minority Commission Delhi., Mr Vivek Bansal (MLC), Prof. Mohammad. Mian , Dr Khwaja Shaid besides large number of distinguished educationist and well wishers of the Duty Society of Aligarh Muslim University. Ms Noor Zahra, Senior lecturer, Sharda University Greater NOIDA welcomed the attendees and invited Prof. N. K. Gupta, Dr. Khwaja Shahid, Mr.Ayyub Sabab, Prof. S.Z. Qasim and Prof. Ishrat Farooqi to highlight the contribution of Mr. Salman Khursheed in the field of law, public life and education. Mr. Salman Khursheed has a long relation with Aligarh Muslim University as he is a grandson of Dr. Zakir Hussain and was born in AMU campus during the tenure of Dr. Zakir Hussain as Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University.

Prof Abul Hasan Siddiqi, Keeper of Duty Society presented the achievement and activities of Duty Society. He also put forward some requests before the honorable Minister for his consideration. He emphasized the need for creation of a centre for promotion of science, particularly for the benefit of minority community. Creation of an institution, which can impart an international standard training for teaching Mathematics and Physics from grade 1 to degree level in minority institutions, may serve many useful objectives. This may work on the pattern of an UNESCO organization in Italy (ICTP, Trieste) where experts from industrialized nations (educationally advanced) are imparting knowledge and training to persons from developing countries (lagging behind in the field of scientific education).In the present case reputed scholars of the relevant field (who may belong to majority community ) will be requested by this institution to carry out the training programs for different intervals of time. It will be in the spirit of equality ministry about which the minister has talked about in his public speeches. This can also serve as forum to promote cultural and religious tolerance, an age old tradition of India essential to protect secular fabric of the nation.
Prof. Siddiqi briefed the audience about “Dr Zakir Hussain Award” established by Duty Society to be given to a distinguish scientists for his life long achievement in the field of applications of mathematical sciences. It has been awarded to six outstanding scholars from India and abroad , namely Professor J.N.Kapur ,Prof. Helmut Neunzert (Germany), Prof.K.R. Sreenivasn, Director ICTP (Indian born American Citizen), Prof.R. Narsimhan and Prof. H.P.Dikshit. He expressed that that amount of the award is meager keeping in view the name and the status of the persons who are likely to receive it. The Indian Society of Industrial & Applied Mathematics and Duty Society AMU appeal to the minister to support Duty Society’s endeavor for enhancing the amount of the award-may it be government or private sectors. He also expressed his gratitude for the financial support to coaching and guidance centre of the Duty Society from Ministry of Minority Affairs. He requested the honorable minister’s attention to support the cause for the enhancement and the scope and quality of students and pledged to work to grow in the specified area for a continuous improvement. Prof. Siddiqi also paid his respect to (Late) Sita Ram Kesri, Minister of Social Welfare during early 90s for his support to Duty Society to establish a building for Vocational Training ,Coaching and Guidance centre , Computer centre and Library of the society The Foundation stone was laid by the late leader during his last visit in 1995. He had assured in the public meeting that the Government will provide running cost and financial support for equipments. Unfortunately by the time the construction of the building was completed in 1999 he was not in the scene. By the change of Governments, society’s repeated request did not yield positive results. He put forward the same request before the minister for favorable response and action.

Prof. N. K. Gupta, also reiterated the above mentioned point and explained its utility in long term besides academic development. This centre may be developed as a forum to promote cultural and religious tolerance ,an old age tradition of India ,essential to protect secular fabric of the nation. Prof. S.Z.Qasim Dr.Khaja Shahid and Prof I Farooqi mention their long association with Mr. Salman Khursheed and prayed for his grand success as a Minister. They hoped that under his stewardship the two Ministries will achieve their distinct position.

In his keynote acceptance address Mr Salman Khursheed highlighted some important issues facing by the minority community. He emphasized on inculcating competitive spirit into young generation particularly Muslim youth studying at Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia and other institutes which has significant minority population. He believes that reservation should be only for the weaker section of our nation. It is also clear from his speech that reservation on the basis of religion may not yield desired result and may be harmful in the long run. He mentioned that Indian Muslim Youths should take lesson from the working and methodology of President Obama. Meticulous planning are key to success. President Obama's case is an excellent illustration that correct planning achieves the desired result even in the most difficult circumstances. He assured the audience that he will do everything to achieve the goals set by both ministries ,specially ministry of minority. He also told that his doors are open for everyone who is engaged in constructive work and he will try his best to fulfill expectations and aspirations of everyone who approaches me.

In his presidential remarks, Janab Khurshid Alam Khan, President of Duty Society and father of Mr. Salman Khursheed advised the honorable Minister to give top priority to the welfare schemes of minorities. He further advised to give due thought on issues raised by Prof. A.H.Siddiqi, keeper Duty Society and other speakers. These schemes of creation of a centre for promotion of science, enhancement of Dr. Zakir Hussain Award amount, financial support for Duty Society coaching, guidance and computer centre will be a small step in right direction.